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  1. Be Not Under the Law
  2. Judas the Trader
  3. The Sabbath Has Passed (Rom. 14.5; Col. 2.14,15-17; Heb. 4.1-13)
  4. How do you view Galatians 3.19?
  5. Can Morality Save Us?
  6. Legalizing the Sabbath - Judaizers
  7. How to Judaize Christianity
  8. A Word of Warning to All Judaizers!
  9. Scriptural Basis for the Lord's Day
  10. First Day of the Week is the Lord's Day
  11. There are Two Religions (Views) in the World Only
  12. Do You Accuse Christians Who Have Not Authored Books?
  13. Some Verses Against Keeping the Sabbath
  14. 2300 Days Misinterpreted
  15. Judaizers are not Christians - Be Very Leary of Them
  16. 7th Day Adventists Try to Alter God's Word in Several Ways to Worship a False Christ
  17. What do You Say to Insistent Sabbatarians?
  18. Annihilationism and Claiming Jesus is the Abomination of Desolation
  19. Mr. Sabbatarian Watch Your Practice!
  20. Why are Messianic Judaizers and Other Sabbatarians Hypocrites?
  21. Ellen G. White of the 7th Day Adventists is Going to Hell
  22. Judaizers
  23. The Sabbath was for Israel Alone