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  1. Tares who claimed to believe in God
  2. Why Calvinism is so completely and utterly wrong!
  3. Ripping apart calvinism
  4. Matt Slick cult
  5. 6 Major Sins of Calvinism
  6. Two Major Ways to Sin in Trying to be Saved: Calvinism and Non-OSAS
  7. False Fruit of a False Salvation: Calvinism and Non-OSAS
  8. The Religion of Calvinism
  9. Why Calvinism is a Sin
  10. Being False Before God
  11. The Assumed Salvation
  12. Wooing or Robots?
  13. The Crux of the Problem - Total Depravity
  14. The Problem with Calvinism
  15. Van on Calvinism
  16. Predestination and Election
  17. Crazy Things Calvinists Say
  18. Are You Predestined for Hell?
  19. Calvinists Preach Another Gospel
  20. OSAS Arminian Exposes Calvinism
  21. Face the Fact About Calvinism
  22. Dana Roberts and G. Richard Fisher
  23. Jesus Didn't Really Die For You?
  24. John/Johannes/Jean Chavin/Calvinus/Calvin
  25. Never Trust A Calvinist
  26. If a Calvinist is Born-Again, I Don't Want to Be Saved
  27. False Sovereignty
  28. It Must Be Painful to be a Calvinist
  29. Enabling Grace
  30. Is God the Author of Sin?
  31. Callousness of the Calvinism God
  32. Methods of that Old Serpent
  33. The Word of God is Just an Illusion to Calvinists
  34. Luther, Calvin and Spurgeon Were Not Christians
  35. A Prayer for Calvinists
  36. Can Calvinists Explain These Apparent Contradictions of Calvinism?
  37. The Pharaoh Hardened His Own Heart First
  38. The Limitations of God
  39. Everyone Dies in Jesus' Death
  40. God Pleads for Your Salvation - Ezekiel 18.21-24
  41. Trying to Keep the Law Proves One Can Chose the Cross
  42. False Teaching of Uncondition Election
  43. King James Identified the Most Evil Teaching
  44. Calvinism's "For No Reason At All"
  45. Acts 13.48 - As Many As Were Ordained to Eternal Life Believed
  46. Taunting, Cruel Mockery! Giving God a Bad Name
  47. A Strange Mercy and Kindness
  48. Foreknowledge and Predestination/Election
  49. 5 Verses Pertaining to Election
  50. Did Not Fulfill the Calling
  51. Normal Human Compassion
  52. Cruelty is Inherent in Calvinism's Misrepresentation of God and His Gospel
  53. Salvation is for All
  54. Faith is Essential
  55. Is There a Double Payment?
  56. The Assumption of Calvinism
  57. John 6:37-45
  58. The Pharaoh
  59. James White Declines Rebuttal to 6 Questions
  60. Christ Died for All
  61. Sincere Questions for Calvinists
  62. Pivotal Verses
  63. 2 Peter 3.9
  64. What About 1 Timothy 4.10?
  65. Grasping at Straws and Avoiding 1 John 4.14
  66. Is Irresistible Grace God's Grace?
  67. Grace is No More Grace and Gift is No More Gift
  68. Proof C. H. Spurgeon was Never Born-Again
  69. Irresistible Grace and the Gospel
  70. The "Two Conflicting Wills" Theory
  71. The Satanic Salvation of Calvinists
  72. What About God's Love?
  73. A Horrifying Misrepresentation of God
  74. Does Anyone Know What This Heresy is Called?
  75. "Regeneration Before Faith"?
  76. Demeaning the Great Commission
  77. Irresistible Grace and Spiritual Death
  78. A Deeper Discussion About Calvinism
  79. The "Spiritually Dead" Hear and Believe
  80. Enablement or Irresistible Enforcement?
  81. Misconstruing God's Love
  82. The Burden of the Proof
  83. John Calvin Denies Free-Will!
  84. A Response to James White's YouTube "What Does 'Total Depravity' Mean?"
  85. Giving ("Didomi") The Opportunity to Be Saved (John 6.37-45,65)
  86. All Men and Women (Rom. 5.18; 1 Tim. 2.4)
  87. For Calvinists Who Try to Claim They Believe in Molinism
  88. More Contradictions of Calvinists
  89. The Taunting and Mocking God of Calvinism
  90. John 1.11-13
  91. Is Faith, or Salvation, the Gift of God?
  92. The Biblical Order: Faith Brings Salvation
  93. I Do Not Believe Luther was Born-Again
  94. The Bottom Line - A Help for Robert Zins
  95. Why Calvinists Believe in Perseverance of the Saints not Preservation of the Saints?
  96. A Help for Gary Amirault, a Calvinist and a Universalist!?
  97. What is the Purpose of Calvinism?
  98. I Would Rather Go to Hell Than Accept Calvinism
  99. Why Does Calvinism Need Any Apologetics?
  100. The Central Issue is God's Love
  101. James White is a Bad Man Who is Going to Hell
  102. Election and Predestination are Unto Service not Salvation
  103. The Final Question
  104. Steven J. Cole - A Calvinist
  105. A Final Word
  106. Oh Calvinist, Why Do you Grin?
  107. Comparing the Aryan Nation to Calvinism
  108. General Call and Effectual Call
  109. Calvinists Are Reluctant to Admit Some Things
  110. Why Do Calvinists Usually Believe in Replacement Theology?
  111. Dave Hunt's, What Love is This? and Debating Calvinism-free download
  112. Spurgeon Taught Unlimited and Limited Atonement
  113. God Does Not Irresistibly Deny Opportunity for Salvation or Impose It
  114. God's Omnibenevolence
  115. The Counsel of His Will, p. 39 of Debating Calvinism (2004)
  116. Outlining the Steps Why Calvinism is a Sin
  117. Calvinists Rarely Agree with Each Other
  118. John Calvin is a Bad Man
  119. God's Actions Depend on What We Do
  120. Romans 9 - Free-Will
  121. The god of Calvinism is Repugnant
  122. Dear John Calvin,
  123. Billy Graham Was a Calvinist (Unsaved) - A Spoof
  124. John 6.38-51 God Draws All According to His Timing
  125. Dave Hunt's Free Will (True Molinism) vs. Libertarian William Lane Craig
  126. To the Calvinist: God never asked you to be so Introspective
  127. The Evil Contradictions and Doubletalk of Calvinism
  128. Typical Unregenerate Calvinist
  129. A Jonathan Edwards Fan - Edwardsian Sins' Bearing False Witness
  130. Helping Lead a John Piper Fan to Christ
  131. The False Conversion Experience of Calvinists
  132. Watchman Nee vs. John Calvin
  133. The Calvinism Delusion
  134. Think About What You Are Saying Calvinists
  135. Augustine Worshipped an Amillennial False Christ
  136. Pride of Calvinism
  137. Why Would Jesus Offer, Plead if Grace was Irresistibly Imposed or was Insufficient?
  138. How Can a Calvinist Know if He is Saved or Not Because it Was Never His Choice?
  139. Is Forcing One to Believe Really Believing?
  140. The Selfish Salvation of Calvinism
  141. Jumping from one False Faith to the Next: from Morminism to Calvinism
  142. Calvinists are Evil
  143. Romans 9.19,33
  144. A Calvinist Knows Nothing of Spiritual Warfare
  145. Helping Lead the Old Calvinist James Wilbur to Christ
  146. The Law of Non-Contradiction is Violated by Calvinism
  147. Why is Totally Depravity Totally Wrong?
  148. Acts 13.48 Has Nothing to Do With Calvinism
  149. John 6
  150. You Call This Grace? I Don't. I Call It Sheer Evil
  151. What is the Golden Chain of Redemption?
  152. Confusing Foreordination With Election
  153. Calvinism is Mind-Numbing
  154. John Calvin was a Murderer
  155. A Calvinist is Like an Arsonist
  156. Martin Luther was Not Even Remotely Christian
  157. Are Calvinists Christians?
  158. Matt Slick is Going to Hell - The Insufficient Grace of His God
  159. God Creates the Pathway Not the Path You Must Take
  160. Why Do Calvinists Worship A God Who Doesn't Love Enough to Provide Grace to All?
  161. What Can You Say to a Multi-Decade Calvinist?
  162. 1 Timothy 4.10 "Specially Those Who Believe"
  163. Applying the Blood of the Passover Lamb to Calvinism
  164. Calvinists Have to Jump Through Hoops and Perform Mental Gymanstics
  165. Why Do Calvinists Always Disagree With Each Other?
  166. Who is Decreeing What in God's Design?
  167. What Should Be Obvious to Us All About How to Be Saved!
  168. God Sends Calvinists to Hell for My Benefit and the Benefit all Believers in Christ
  169. You Need to Be Regenerated Before You Can Be Born-Again?
  170. Depravity And "Mystery"
  171. Calvinist Head Games
  172. The God of Calvinism is Not the Savior of All Men
  173. Another Confused Calvinist
  174. Holy Spirit Says Calvinists are Not Born-Again
  175. Let's Make It Real Simple for Calvinists!
  176. Matt Slick's Response to Troy Brooks
  177. What Love is This?
  178. Walking the Tight Rome Between Calvinism and Arminianism
  179. Are You Regenerated or Do You Just Think You Are?
  180. James White was Preteritioned for Hell
  181. How is Calvinism Like the Roman Church?
  182. An Employee at CARM Reaches Out for Help
  183. Sickness of Pride in the Heart of Calvinists
  184. Wake up Calvinists!
  185. Rejecting the God of Sufficient Grace to All Men and Women
  186. Calvinists Reject Calvinists
  187. Assuming Irresistibly Selected Won't Save
  188. Calvinists Popping Out Of The Woodwork
  189. John Calvin of Geneva, Augustine of Hippo and James White of Phoenix
  190. Louie Giglio, Mark Driscoll and John Piper are Not Born-Again
  191. James White is Helping to Send More People to Hell with Him
  192. Why Do Calvinists Work So Hard for Their Alleged Salvation?
  193. Contrivances of Calvinism
  194. A Very Sad Story: A Calvinist Still Unwilling to Give His Life to Christ
  195. The God of Calvinism is a Mocking God
  196. Norm Geisler Exposes the Negligent King of James White
  197. Drawing Back unto Perdition: Frozen in a False Salvation
  198. The Calvinist is Never Able to Find a Verse to Support His Beliefs
  199. Is James White Going to Hell?
  200. The Insufficient Grace of Irresistible Grace
  201. God Ordains for the Good of His Elect but Not the Way Calvinists Think
  202. Rejecting the God of Prevenient Grace
  203. What is the Most Evil Thing in Christendom? Calvinism
  204. The Complicated Life of the Calvinist
  205. We are not to Pray for Matt Slick or James White (Hardened Calvinists)
  206. The Supernatural Being of Calvinism is Satan
  207. Calvinists Admit They Refuse to Repent as Christians Have
  208. Did You Know Calvinists Call God a Liar?
  209. If James White is Saved, You'll Want to Go to Hell
  210. How John 10 Can Help Calvinists
  211. False Christians Can Only See Calvinism or Non-OSAS
  212. God is Long-Suffering and Gives Free Will
  213. Calvinism is Satan's Counterfeit Salvation
  214. Prevenient Grace is Way Better than Irresistible Grace
  215. Rejecting the Gracious God Who Gives Us All Free Choice!
  216. The Calvinist Doesn't Want to be Saved According to the Bible
  217. James White is Unable to Distinguish Satan from God in 2 Cor. 4.4
  218. Matt J. Slick of CARM is Wacko!
  219. A Calvinist Doesn't Have a Conscience in Christ
  220. Louie Giglio, Mark Driscoll and John Piper are Not Born-Again
  221. Are Calvinists Born-Again?
  222. The Shallow Mindedness of Matt Slick
  223. A Quote from James White
  224. Calvinists Think They Are Unable to Repent of Calvinism
  225. The Unethical Games a Calvinist Plays
  226. A Choice Provided for Israelites, but No Choice Given to People Today?
  227. Calvinists Reject the God Who Loves All
  228. Yet Another Post Showing Why Matt Slick of CARM is Going to Hell
  229. The Evil Tyrant and Idolatry of Calvinism
  230. OSAS Arminians Understand Why Calvinists are Going to Hell
  231. Calvinists - Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits (Matt. 7.16)
  232. James White and Norman Geisler, Castles and Ponds and Quicksand
  233. Revisiting 1 Tim. 4.10 and 1 Tim. 2.4 to Help Calvinists
  234. Whose Debts Were Cancelled and Whose Remain Outsanding?
  235. Obnoxious Sickening Pompous Pride of Calvinism
  236. The Murder of Fidelis of Sigmaringen by Calvinists
  237. Hitler & Calvinism
  238. Regeneration is Not the Same Thing as Initial Salvation?
  239. 1 Timoth 4.10 is the Best Vese to Destroy Calvinism
  240. Hotel Rooms, Doublestandards and False Hope
  241. A Sickening Chilling Quote of John Calvin
  242. Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) Predicted 2012. He Will be Proven Wrong!
  243. It is as Though Calvinists Have Been Preterioned for Hell
  244. Where God's sovereignty ends and Man's Free Will begins?
  245. What's Wrong with Treating God as Only a Temporary Deliverer in 1 Timothy 4.10?
  246. A Calvinist in His Head not His Heart
  247. The God of Calvinism is Evil if He Irresistibly Made You Go to Hell
  248. Why are Matt J. Slick and James White such Angry Men?
  249. Irresistibly Imposed Regeneration
  250. "Everything I do I believe is the work of the Spirit of God," by James White