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  1. Stop defending yourself
  2. The Bible
  3. The Spiritual Man-Spiritual Life and Spiritual Warfare
  4. A Condition of Prayer: Must Believe
  5. Communion - what is it?
  6. Communion, praise, manna and prayer in the morning
  7. Not Faith Plus Prayer
  8. Who God's Overcomers Are
  9. The Prayer of the Overcomers
  10. The Trend Away from God
  11. Men with Numbers - Backtracking Predictions
  12. A Fact, A Consequence, and A Design
  13. The Root of Self
  14. Lay Stress on Spiritual Experience
  15. The Good Self
  16. Death of the Self-life
  17. Not Letting Up
  18. Drawing by Faith
  19. Confess that You are Holy
  20. A Life History of Knowing Christ
  21. The Origin and Kingdom of the Tempter
  22. The Tempter and Those Who Overcomer Him
  23. How to Overcome the Tempter
  24. The Limit Placed Upon the Tempter
  25. Introspection
  26. Criticizing Others
  27. Your Spirit
  28. Unfaithful Servant
  29. Keep Your Soul
  30. Path to Freedom & Knowledge of Truth
  31. Discovery of Ground
  32. How Does Satan Attack?
  33. Conscience is Limited by Knowledge
  34. Holiness and Hardness
  35. Samson's Victory
  36. Errors of Judaism
  37. Restoration to Today
  38. The Few
  39. A Spirit of Rapture
  40. Healing Ministry
  41. Transition in Overcoming
  42. The Conflict between the Old and the New
  43. Of paramount significance - Heb. 4.12
  44. The Practice
  45. The Soul Under the Spirit's Control
  46. Prayer and Warfare
  47. Consecration Made Possible By Sanctification
  48. Discernment of the Still Small Voice
  49. Authority, Position and Life
  50. The Attacks of Satan
  51. Triparite: Spirit, Soul and Body
  52. The Aims of God
  53. The Life of Faith
  54. Circumscribed by Petty Self Overcome by the Deeper Work of the Cross
  55. In Battling the Enemy
  56. Did Watchman Nee believe we could be perfect before we enter heaven?
  57. The Causes of Attacks of Evil Spirits
  58. Passivity
  59. How To Be in Christ
  60. From the Soul or From the Spirit?
  61. Division of Your Spirit and Soul and Body
  62. Popularity Contests
  63. the cost of discipleship
  64. Conflict Between the Old and the New
  65. The Other Side of the Flesh
  66. Conscience and Communion
  67. Crucified Unto Me
  68. Mary Magdalene
  69. Watchman Nee vs. Dave Hunt on Psychic Power
  70. The Fall of Man's Spirit, Soul and Body
  71. Margaret Ions Has a False Conception of Spirit and Soul
  72. Spirit, Soul and Body After the Fall
  73. Carnal and Spiritual Christians
  74. Comparing Three Spirits Like Three Russian Dolls
  75. T.A. McMahom Teaches Falsely About the Spirit and Soul
  76. Knowing God's Will and the Condition of the Mind
  77. After the Spirit
  78. How Can God Give Life to Your Body if You Live for Self?
  79. No Remission of Sin Apart from the Shedding of Blood
  80. Individualism Can be a Cause of Sickness
  81. Christians Have Not Failed Enough to Expereience Romans 8
  82. How Utterly Undependable are Our Feelings
  83. The Way of Healing - God Can, God Will, and God Has
  84. Present the Bodies
  85. What is the Fruit of the Spirit of Love, Joy and Peace?
  86. The Difference Between God's Uncreated Life and the Holy Spirit Indwelling
  87. How Adam Fell Differently From Eve
  88. I Sent an Email to ClosertotheTruth.com Explaining Spirit, Soul and Body
  89. The Other Side of the Flesh
  90. Spiritual Warfare - Mind Aiding the Spirit
  91. An Erring Spirit
  92. Piercing of the Soul and Spirit, and Body
  93. Born of Water and the Spirit - John 3.5
  94. Our Battle is Against Principalities, Powers, Rulers of the Darkness, Spiritual Hosts
  95. In Nothing Be Anxious (Philippians 4.6-7)
  96. The Necessity of Death
  97. The Deliverance of the Cross
  98. What if there was no Jesus? Help for selfrighteousness or denial for hell
  99. The Soul Under the Spirit's Control
  100. Christians Severely Lack Knowledge of the Existence of the Human Spirit
  101. The Strengthening of the Holy Spirit
  102. What Does it Mean to Live After the Spirit?
  103. Intuition
  104. The Functions of the Spirit of Man
  105. The Annointing of God
  106. Discernment by the Annointing of the Holy Spirit in Our Intuition
  107. The Soulical and the Spiritual
  108. Walking in the flesh
  109. Question on Adam's first nature
  110. The Proper Use of Emotion
  111. The Law of Cause and Effect and Passivity
  112. The Way to Seek Healing
  113. Christians are Unwilling to Lay Themselves on the Altar for the Word of God to Work
  114. Additional Dangers of Spiritual Life
  115. Do You Have a Spirit of Rapture?
  116. Respetive Functions of Spirit, Soul and Body
  117. The Necessity of Death - Death of the Flesh is the Only Salvation
  118. Spirit, Soul and Body by Marvin Minsky and Ray Kurzwell
  119. How Do You Define the Heart?
  120. Resurrection
  121. Are Human Beings Triparite or Bipartite?
  122. God is Tri-Personal
  123. OSAS Arminian, Dividing of Spirit Soul Body, Scriptural Locality, Partial Rapture
  124. God's Demand to Direct Your Love (Oprah Winfrey Doesn't Understand a Jealous God)
  125. Perfecting of the Saints by Dividing Spirit, Soul and Body Properly
  126. God as Life of the Body
  127. Knowing the Indwelling Spirit
  128. God's Demand Upon Your Emotion
  129. Do Galatians 5.24 and 5.16,17 Contradict Each Other? on the Flesh
  130. The Inability of the Will to Ovecome the Law
  131. The Two Sides of Sin and Deliverance
  132. Christian Fellowship Publishers Needs to Fix this in PDF of Watchman Nee's Writing
  133. The Spirit of Man Can Do What Man's Soul Cannot
  134. The Conflict between the Old and the New
  135. The Existence of the Flesh
  136. What are the only two books that Watchman Nee wrote ?
  137. Is Man Totally Depraved or is Man's Flesh Totally Depraved? There's a Difference
  138. God's View of the Flesh
  139. The Way of Deliverance
  140. The Relation between Sin and the Body
  141. Living By the All-Inclusive Natural, Man (Soulish)
  142. Deliver Your Gifts to Death Voluntarily and Then Reclaim Them Renewed
  143. Manifestations of the Soul Life
  144. The Most Profound Statement Watchman Nee Ever Made on Spiritual Life
  145. Only Christians are Regenerated in Their Spirits
  146. Spiritual Christians Receive Opposition
  147. Hebrews 9.8
  148. Conscience and Knowledge and God's Standard
  149. The Conditions of the Spirit
  150. A Believer's Emotional Life
  151. A Believer's Natural Desires
  152. 5 Aims of God with Respect to Our Feeings and Our Will
  153. What Happens When We Walk After the Spirit, Our Spirit, and not the Life of Feeling?
  154. Are We Living Souls or Are We Living Spirits like the Angels?
  155. The Duty of Man
  156. Before and After Regeneration