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  1. Prayer is Important for Christians
  2. Headaches
  3. Food
  4. Tempter's Strategems Against the Saved
  5. Oppresses people with sickness
  6. Self-Reliance
  7. Don't Despise Others
  8. True Love and Fake Love
  9. Matt. 2.9 - Revelations Follow Revelations
  10. All Things Lawful
  11. The Lord is for the Body
  12. Psalm 14
  13. Self-control
  14. Holy Spirit and the Body - Rom. 8.10-13
  15. Chastisement of God
  16. Sickness and Healing
  17. Relation of Sin and Sickness
  18. Ask, Seek, Knock
  19. Healing Proverbs
  20. The Sins of the Flesh
  21. Poor in Spirit
  22. Non-Believers Blame, But Let Us Answer Them
  23. Spiritual Power
  24. The Focal Point
  25. Spiritual Knowledge is Based on Spirit's Intuition
  26. Aaron Spoke on behalf of Moses as Christ does for Us
  27. God Opens Our Eyes!
  28. The True Test for Me
  29. Once-Saved Always Saved!
  30. Intercession
  31. Scoop Up Our Spirit
  32. Has Anyone Ever Seen God the Father?
  33. Empty Head
  34. iamowen
  35. Christian Downloads
  36. Fasting Does What Prayer Can't
  37. Three Aspects of Prayer, Luke 18.1-8
  38. A Real Difference
  39. Are My Prayers Privately Presented to God or Do Angels Know My Prayers?
  40. Why Can't You Convince a Person to be Saved?
  41. The Annointing of God
  42. Elders for Healing
  43. Strong Faith
  44. The Stock Boy & the Checkout Girl
  45. Let Us Pray
  46. Faith's Persistency
  47. Your Heart's Desire for the Lord is What God Cherishes
  48. Our Testimony is Never Only With Just Our Actions But With Our Words Also
  49. The Chain of Prayer
  50. Experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  51. Friendship with Jehovah is with Them that Fear Him
  52. Preaching and Praying on Street Corners is Just Exalting Self
  53. Preaching - the Mind Aiding the Spirit
  54. Intercession - Mind Aiding the Spirit
  55. To Hear the Lord's Voice
  56. Looking Away to Jesus
  57. The Regeneration of the Spirit of Man
  58. Knowing the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  59. Cessation of Spiritual Work
  60. The Spirit of Man
  61. The Lord' Work and Sickness
  62. Jesus Culture with Martin Smith: Live From New York - Walk With Me
  63. Not Too Late to Give Your Life to Christ if Not Yet Saved If a 2 Year Old Can Worship
  64. I am Sick of Vladimir Putin in His Endless Criminal and Murderous Activity
  65. Why Do Some People Have Such a Hard Time Reading and Understanding the Bible?
  66. Hannah Overton is Innocent! Obviously
  67. The Immanuel Prophecy
  68. Judgment on False Prophets and their Falsle Prophesies - Jeremiah 23
  69. Is It Appropriate to Call Jesus an Angel Sometimes? - 'Another Angel'
  70. The Ark of the Covenant in Our Spirit
  71. Ps. 140
  72. The Blood the Basis for All Worship
  73. Speaking in Tongues is not Speaking in Gibberish Babble
  74. The Church is Suffering
  75. When Family Members Don't Understand Your Faith in Christ