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  20. Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim is Going to "Kill the Dollar" from Within
  21. Niall Ferguson is a Dickwad
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  24. How Do We Solve the Disparity of the Rich and Poor?
  25. Petitioning Barack Obama Whether He is a Born-Again Christian or Not
  26. Citarum River West Java, Indonesia
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  28. Rich People are Not Job Creators But Suckers and Leaches on the Circle of Life
  29. The NWO is Alive and Well
  30. Americans Love Killing People
  31. The First Female President of the United States
  32. Christians Don't Get Elected - Ben Carson and Donald Trump
  33. 60 Minutes - All Lawyeres are Corrupt
  34. The Most Republican Religion are Mormons and Atheists are the Most Democratic
  35. Britain Will Be Fine Under Brexit and a Coalition Government