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  1. Inspiration and Emotion
  2. The Deepest by Far
  3. Not a single hair unnumbered
  4. Mystery of Creation
  5. Regeneration Does Not Take Place in Emotion!
  6. Matthew 22.37
  7. Genesis 1.1-3
  8. G. H. Pember
  9. Jesus visits the cunning repeatedly, even though they were trying to ruin him
  10. How the spirit and soul is divided
  11. The Goal of the Gospel
  12. The Creation testifies for God.
  13. Putting ourselves in God's shoes
  14. The power to welcome and endure solitude
  15. God's Aim
  16. The Deeper Work of the Cross
  17. Warfare is truly selfless
  18. Why do we not live longer?
  19. What is unrighteous of God?
  20. Within a few billion years, Earth's oceans are gone!
  21. Sickness and Healing
  22. Lack of Concentration
  23. Man's sovereign will
  24. The Way of Deliverance
  25. Lies Denied
  26. Normalcy Recognized
  27. The Latent Power of the Soul
  28. The stars of heaven fell to the earth
  29. What happens when my hubby excepts Jesus
  30. Creation
  31. Honouring God
  32. Man was created with a free-will
  33. Spiritually more advanced Christians are susceptible to passivity
  34. Good Intentions and Honesty are no Condition for Not Being Deceived!
  35. Confidence in Spiritual Experiences
  36. Evil spirits manipulate people to reduce them to robots
  37. Sure way to 100-fold Fruitfullness
  38. Jesus Created with God the Father
  39. According to the Spirit
  40. In the Beginning God Created......
  41. Do you die or have you died?
  42. Gap Theory
  43. Spiritual knowledge by spiritual words
  44. Gates for the Inner Man
  45. Becoming Just Right
  46. The Creation of Man
  47. Resisting Satan Wrongly
  48. The Nature of Circumcision
  49. The mind of Christ is subjective; God's will is objective
  50. Why do some people believe they are bipartite?
  51. A Defeated Righteous Man
  52. Doubting Thomas
  53. "In Christ" or "In Jesus"?
  54. Is the Cherubim an idol?
  55. What is the vital element of prayer?
  56. Why Must We Rise Early?
  57. Cultivate the Habit of Early Rising
  58. Pray for Understanding
  59. Christian guidance
  60. 4 Creatures, Temple, USA, Tribes of Israel, 4 Gov't Bldgs
  61. Exchanging Places
  62. Prayer and Preaching
  63. Sin and Sickness
  64. The hostility to the church has not changed
  65. Functions of our spirit
  66. Help a calvinist With Truth!
  67. How to lead someone to Christ?
  68. True Repentance
  69. The Distinction of God's 3 Persons
  70. Discern Supernatural Phenomena
  71. Mental Gymnastics
  72. Disembodied Spirits-Demons
  73. The Gardarene Demoniacs
  74. How do we know angels exist?
  75. 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300 days, 1000 years, 1000 generations
  76. Flame of the Sword of the Cheribum Turns Every Way
  77. The Sixth Day & the Trinity
  78. This is Essentially God's Proof of Himself
  79. Egyptian Plagues
  80. 4Q521 - The Signs of the Messiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls
  81. Genesis and Age of the Universe
  82. Different Ages of the Stars
  83. The Brooding Activity of the Holy Spirit and the Two Letters
  84. Man's First Sin
  85. Wear the Helmet of Salvation
  86. Dinosaurs and the Bible
  87. Great Founders of the Great Scientific Disciplines
  88. Three Types of Stones
  89. Jehovah
  90. Atheism Reflects Your Immorality
  91. Are You a Fool?
  92. In the Image of God
  93. Gap Restoration in Hebrew
  94. My Letter to Kent Hovind - Young Earth Creationist
  95. Lamanin
  96. Sons of God - Jesus Preached Unto These Spirits in Prison
  97. The Atmopshere Does Not Allow the Sun to Be Seen Until the 4th Day
  98. The Problem of the 6th Day
  99. What Brought About Walking Apes?
  100. What Is/Was The Light?
  101. Why Didn't God Prosecute Cain For Murder?
  102. Wayward Pines (TV Series) and the Garden of Eden Similarities
  103. A Short Summary of Gap Restoration
  104. Hugh Ross and Gap Restoration
  105. Christian and Atheist Debate -- Why Was There Killing?
  106. Gen. 1.26-27 The Triune God's Purpose in Creating Man
  107. Human Eyes Come from Plants
  108. Psalm 104.5-8, G.H. Pember, Dr. Chalmers, Gen. 19.26, Isaiah 45.18