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  1. Being an Apostle
  2. The difference between the workers and the churches
  3. Informal Apostles & Elders
  4. Obedience
  5. The gospel is preached; then what?
  6. Corporate Church
  7. The History of the Church
  8. Latest challengers to Biblical locality
  9. What is abnormal for the Church?
  10. The Current of the Holy Spirit
  11. The Church is in Ruin and Looks to the Millennium Instead
  12. Women Apostles and Elders
  13. I know what God has shown me
  14. Evil spirit's impose their authority through the mind
  15. The Authority of Our Creator
  16. Why is the church in ruin?
  17. Who were the first three disciples?
  18. Being God's person
  19. Shake the dust off your feet
  20. Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter are not Christian
  21. The Lord's Day
  22. Why is it wrong to say you are non-denominational?
  23. Why do historicalists have no authority?
  24. The Nicene Creed
  25. The Hand of God
  26. The last handle
  27. Laying On of Hands
  28. Back to the Blueprint
  29. Check this out!
  30. Two Measures
  31. Speaking in Tongues
  32. Do calvinists have authority? Decidedly, No!
  33. Women Apostles
  34. Press Towards the Mark
  35. The Reality of the Body
  36. Exploits of Three Men
  37. Why do Christians have authority?
  38. The Pillar of Truth
  39. A Life Lesson
  40. The Feast of Shelters: Marriage Feast and Rewards!
  41. Teachings
  42. Do you have access to other members in the body of Christ?
  43. Body Consciousness
  44. Enter your Meeting Place
  45. Recover Gospel Preaching by the Entire Church
  46. Who paved the way for Loadicean?
  47. God needs a place to dwell
  48. Serving God is His Favor to Us (count not the cost)
  49. Only in Fallen Israel and Fallen Christianity is there Distinction in Serving
  50. The First Century
  51. Prayers on the Body Life
  52. Pentecost
  53. The biggest problem
  54. A Professional Christian
  55. Relationship between ministry and authority
  56. Get coordinated!
  57. Body Consciouness
  58. The Earthen Vessel
  59. The Relationship between Church and Work
  60. Two Meanings of "Church" in the New Testament
  61. What is the difference between doctrine and truth?
  62. Can you distinguish between natural love and spiritual love?
  63. The Life of the Second—Painful to the Flesh
  64. Who must be circumcised?
  65. Does God trust in you for the Work?
  66. Voluntary poverty
  67. Prophecy: Iran needs to be and will be invaded
  68. The bread, the veil, the cup
  69. Why do apostles travel?
  70. Experimentally Speaking to People
  71. The Keys - Matthew 16.19
  72. An Amazing Revelation! It is true!
  73. Women Elders
  74. Taking the Land Back
  75. Discussing Reputation
  76. Notable Students of the Bible
  77. Messiah was to die as a sacrifice for sin
  78. How the Church Began!
  79. How Does God Select and Appoint Apostles
  80. How does one really ask in prayer?
  81. Prayer: Why are Prayers Not Answered?
  82. The Straightaway Path (Question 18 and 19)
  83. If We All Receive a Little from the Head
  84. Apostles
  85. The day Jesus died
  86. How do you share the Gospel?
  87. "Christ-ones"
  88. Paul's Journeys
  89. 144,000 Virgins
  90. Why Revival Stops
  91. Agreement
  92. God has some questions for you!
  93. Is a Combine a Legitimate Church Arrangement?
  94. Why was T. Austin Sparks wrong?
  95. Intellectual Honesty of the Unsaved
  96. How can you come boldly before God?
  97. The Ground of Locality and the Passivity of a Dullard
  98. God's 3 Persons at Work
  99. Was Priscilla an Elder?
  100. Philip and Apollos
  101. Anyone Can Join Biblocality Forums
  102. God's Plan for the Church
  103. When was Jesus born?
  104. Dates
  105. Hallucinations
  106. Not Faith Plus Works
  107. Toughest Questions in Christianity
  108. Peter and Paul on the Resurrected Christ
  109. Studying locality
  110. The authority of a forum
  111. Erwin Loh and the largest Christendom forum on the planet
  112. What is the most quoted OT chapter in the NT?
  113. In One Sentence!
  114. Long History of Battles
  115. Forgiveness
  116. Kjv
  117. Feeding 5000 - Thinking Properly
  118. Why Were the Jews Trying to Kill Paul?
  119. Adam and Eve
  120. What Happens If You Never Heard of Christ?
  121. I Know You Not (Matt. 25.11-12)
  122. Which Church I Should Join
  123. God's Eternal Plan and the Church
  124. What the Work of the Overcomer Is
  125. The Mind Behind the System
  126. Do You Think the Church is Fallen?
  127. Do you have a favorite chapter of the Bible?
  128. Once for All
  129. Apostolic Life
  130. Take Possession Collectively
  131. Lost Through Death and Gained Through Resurrection
  132. To Be Priests
  133. Intimately With Christ
  134. Responsibility
  135. Like Visitors
  136. The Wiles of the Tempter
  137. 1 Cor. 9.27 - Rewards
  138. I am Waiting
  139. In the Day's of Noah
  140. The Committed Life
  141. Bring truths to others
  142. Preserve the local character of the churches
  143. Spirit of wisdom and revelation
  144. At Least Accept These Three Truths
  145. Discern the Difference
  146. 7 Factors in Spiritual Unity
  147. Scriptural Basis for the Lord's Day
  148. Concering the Gentiles
  149. The Dispensations
  150. Gordon Watts
  151. Working for the Gentiles
  152. Worthy of Service
  153. Delegated Authority
  154. Basis of the Churches
  155. Informal Apostles are not Formally Trained
  156. The Apostles & The Church
  157. Among the Workers
  158. Living of the Gospel
  159. The Establishment Resists
  160. Does God Still Commission Apostles for the Work?
  161. Being Born of Water and the Spirit & Infant Baptism (Proper Teaching)
  162. What Roles Can Women Perform in the Work for the Church?
  163. Prophecy on a Nuclear Explosion
  164. Christian Legal Defense
  165. Intermediary Priesthood
  166. Junia & the Apostles
  167. Opportunities in Our Troubles
  168. Has Something Happened to the Church?
  169. God Gives Life to the Body in this Dispensation
  170. Learning How to Serve the Lord
  171. What is the Proper Church Organization?
  172. The Millennial Kingdom Dispensation Sacrifices
  173. Those not found in the book of life?
  174. The Miniature New City
  175. Abide in Me
  176. Temporary Punishment
  177. What is the Threat to the Church?
  178. The Professor
  179. 42 Stations to Get to Canaan
  180. Don’t force Israel to dismantle all their nuclear weapons now.
  181. Watchman Nee on Revival of the Church
  182. The Organization of the Body of Christ
  183. The Ark in the Tent at Shiloh
  184. What is at Stake? - the Truth!
  185. Situational Theology on Women Elders
  186. Was Peter's Son John Mark who Wrote the Gospel of Mark?
  187. How Do You Resolve God's Immediate Imminence with Biblocality?
  188. The Service of a Member
  189. Laying On Of Hands - Obeying the Law of the Body of Christ
  190. The Judgment of the Brethren
  191. The Covering
  192. The Core Few Set the Foundation and Change History
  193. Amazing Revelation About Apostles
  194. Fleshly
  195. Brandon and Stephen - Latest Hope for the Church
  196. We Apostles are Scarcely Noticed
  197. Dealing With People
  198. What's Your Cardboard Testimony?
  199. Salvation Goes On
  200. How Many Elders of a Locality Should There Be?
  201. Feet Washing
  202. The Meeting Places
  203. Fox's Book of Martyrs
  204. The Meeting
  205. Michael Licona Believes in Biblocality
  206. Fleshly and False Christian Do Not Accept the Apostles
  207. Let Philadelphia Appear
  208. Body of Christ is Living Organism
  209. A Beacon of Light
  210. Two Ways - Gift and Authority
  211. Wonderous Things
  212. My Letter to Dave Hunt and T. McMahon
  213. Scriptural Locality
  214. Martyrdom of the Early Apostles
  215. What is the Great House?
  216. Paul is Multiply Corroborated
  217. Similarities to Moses, Aaron and the Levites to Apostles and Elders
  218. The First Apostles and All the Apostles
  219. The Authority Upheld and the Law of the Body
  220. Apostles and Elders
  221. The Basis of the Churches
  222. Where Does the Size of the New City Come From?
  223. Parallel to the Promise Land and Biblocality
  224. The Seven B'S
  225. Do Not Be Independent or Leave the Church
  226. The Body Fitly Framed and Knit Together
  227. Take Your Parents, Friends and Family to Watch You Get Baptized by Immersion
  228. The Great Multitudes that Did Not Follow the Lord
  229. How to Preserve the Local Character of the Churches
  230. His Absolute Place in Us
  231. How Do I Find A Church In My Area?
  232. Instead of Returning to the Divinely-ordained Local Churches Look What We Have Today!
  233. Why We Stopped Passing The Offering Plate
  234. What is Another Term for Biblocality?
  235. The Elders of a Church Annoint with Oil from the Head to Heal
  236. Least Deviation from the Definition of the Church is Multiplied Later a Thousandfold
  237. What is Religion?
  238. The Rock is not a Stone, and the Stones are not THE Rock (No Popes!)
  239. The Head Gives Authority, Members Have Fellowship
  240. Authority and Submission
  241. Who Has True Authority in this World?
  242. Has anyone ever seen God's real person?
  243. The fourth Blood moon 2015 Revelation 6.12
  244. The 7 Church Periods